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Our History

It was 2005, and a poor college kid needed a great present for his girlfriend. He settled on a Retro NES console, something she'd been hinting at for weeks.  The problem was that in '05, NES consoles were fetching upwards of 80 on ebay.  He found quite a few as is systems for  20 or less and proceeded to teach himself the intricacies of NES repair.  The present was a hit and soon this college kid was fixing up these systems for friends and selling them on Ebay and in the classifieds. 


It didn't take long before the business expanded to a small booth at the local weekend Flea Market. Over the next few months, that booth grew from one table, to three tables, to an enclosed storefront and fixing NES consoles became just one of the many repairs he offered. It didn't take long for his little business to really take off!


What happened next?


Sensing an opportunity to go full time, he opened his first store on Delaware Ave in Kenmore, NY. The little store was an ode to all things video gaming with all systems and games offered and system repairs still a cornerstone to his burgeoning business.  Soon the business outgrew the small store, so he opened a store twice the size around the corner that still operates at 2889 Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda. 




In 2010, it occurred to this young owner that if people in Amherst & Tonawanda liked his little store, people from all over WNY would enjoy an Oogie Games in their neighborhood as well. Over the next four years, Oogie Games grew with five new locations in Lockport, Depew, Williamsville, West Seneca, and Niagara Falls.


Today, we serve our customers in many ways that go beyond just video game sales and service, including Private Party Rooms that are available for birthday parties and events of all kinds, Pokemon Clubs, Arcade Nights and Tournaments.  For more details on our Party Rooms, please check with your local store.  For more details on our many events, please check our Calendar.

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