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Here at Oogie Games we have specialized in Video Game Console repairs for 10 years. Below you will find a list of the common issues we repair on a daily basis. 

  • Ps2 Not reading games/media

  • Xbox 360 Open Tray error

  • Ps4 HDMI port replacement

  • Ps3/Ps4/XOne HDD replacement or Upgrade

  • Handheld console screen repairs


Now those are common issues that may need repair, but they are not the only faults that will require service. 


If you follow the links below, starting with the brand of console you have, you will find the repairs that we perform.


Please then click on which repair best coincides with the issue you are experiencing.


If for some reason you are unsure which service matches your need or you have a console that is not listed, please contact our repair department directly at the email address below. Provide a detailed description of the console and the issue you are experiencing and our technician will get back to you within 24 hours to help guide you to the correct diagnosis.


All repairs performed by Oogie Games come with a 90 Day Warranty and Free Return Shipping upon completion!

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